Ocean Noise

National Monuments and Marine Protected Areas

March 25, 2013

Today, President Barack Obama designated five new national monuments, including Cattle Point on San Juan Island in Washington state. This is exciting news, not only because Cattle Point is beautiful and has historic  relevance, but because important feeding habitat of one of the most critically endangered marine mammal populations in the US is just off Cattle […]

Please vote for our Quiet Ocean Campaign

December 15, 2012

Please help our work win much-needed funding to keep whale and dolphin habitat quiet.  It is ridiculously easy for you to help. Click HERE. It’ll take you to Facebook so you can vote for our Quiet Ocean Campaign.  Just click the green button. Great! Thanks! That’s it. Unless you want to ask your friends to vote, […]


November 04, 2012

We recently partnered with two acousticians, Christine Erbe of Curtin University and Alex MacGillivray of JASCO, to predict how BC’s waters sound to a whale.  Using shipping traffic data compiled by Patrick O’Hara (which we used previously in a ship strike analysis for fin, humpback and killer whales), and making some assumptions about how noisy […]

We Heart Vancouver {and Vancouver Magazine}

October 09, 2012

In July, Rob and I stopped in Vancouver on our way up to our field site for our dolphin field work. We love Vancouver and don’t need much of an excuse to spend time in the city, but this one had a purpose:  a Vancouver Magazine photoshoot.  Journalist, Roberta Staley had written an article for Vancouver Magazine about our Quiet Ocean Campaign and […]

Oceans Initiative launches Quiet Ocean Campaign

June 08, 2011

There’s a whole lot of noise in the ocean, and it seems to be getting worse. Chronic ocean noise in some sites is doubling every decade. Today on World Oceans Day, we explain why we should all care about the rising levels of noise on whales and other marine species. In 2008, we started an […]