Women in Science and Technology

Oceans Initiative aims to provide women working in marine mammal science the tools and resources they need to succeed as they conduct cutting-edge conservation research. We believe that women in STEM should be encouraged to grow in their careers and aspire to leadership positions in their chosen field. We are proud to have employed, trained, and promoted a growing team of women who are early-career scientists.

In 2017, our co-founder and Executive Director, Dr. Erin Ashe, started Women in Marine Mammal Science, a global community of marine mammal scientists whose aim is to ensure that women can realize their full career potential in this field. We seek to inspire each other and share strategies for breaking down the barriers to success women face in STEM careers. At Oceans Initiative, supporting women in science and technology is a core value that we practice each day.

  • We prioritize hiring early career female scientists for paid positions to provide mentorship and to advance their skills.
  • We work to help women develop and become trained to use new technology.
  • We coach women in communicating their findings in peer-reviewed publications, speaking engagements, and meetings with policymakers.
  • We aim to elevate women by supporting our employees and fostering a sense of community and teamwork.
  • We offer workshops and facilitate mentorships between women at different career stages.

This year, we will expand our support and development of women in science and technology through two new initiatives:

  • We are organizing a workshop in partnership with Alimosphere to teach female early-career scientists how to pilot unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for marine mammal science.
  • We are also developing online tools to reach a broader audience of women and help them gain necessary experience in other skills such as communicating with stakeholders and publishing.

“I am grateful for all the women who helped me launch and maintain my career in science and my colleagues who continue to inspire me daily.”

Dr. Erin Ashe